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Expertise & Passion

We are a full range market research agency based in Moscow with a wide network across Russia and the CIS

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Over 16 years of experience in managing market research projects and events have given us deep knowledge of our industry and region.


Our team of insight-inspired and open-minded researchers has skills in marketing, psychology, sociology, linguistics, economics, and data analysis.


We study people, products, services, brands, businesses, markets, and social trends.


We advise to direct resources to the right markets, products, initiatives, and smart solutions that will lead to the greatest return.


Quality recruitment is the cornerstone of credible study. We handpick the right participants by using a wide range of traditional and modern methods, multi-factor assessment and projective techniques.

We go the extra mile
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Sociocultural expertise

We believe that human behavior is driven by cultural context, sensation, perception and surrounding social values. We tackle every business question from a sociocultural perspective and use up-to-date techniques to grasp the answers.

Customized solutions

We believe that only customized approaches to each business case unearth insightful fresh ideas. Innovative and creative methods combined with traditional analysis allow us to challenge assumptions and crystallize solutions.

Passion and energy

We believe in the value of direct engagement with every research objective. Getting up close and personal with the task at hand, we always look for the best possible methods to reveal up-to-date insights. Driven by curiosity and fun of hands-on approach, we go extra mile every time.

We have experience in
B2B & B2C

FMCG, Pharmaceuticals,
Durables, Beauty, Automotive & Mobility,
Retail, Finance & Banking,
Usability & UX and many more

Our solutions


In-depth Interviews

Online communities

Expert workshops

Online interviews


Co-creation sessions

Usability & UX testing

Customer experience and journey mapping

Mystery shopping

Quant research


★ Facilitation sessions

★ Value chiseling sessions


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Our clients & partners

Procter & Gamble
and many others