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A representative group of people discussing a topic or answering questions about a particular product, service, or idea whilst a moderator steers them in the right direction, observes body language and analyses responses. FGDs allow to quickly unlock insights about what really makes customers tick and why.

In-depth Interviews

An intensive, freely structured one-on-one interview with representative respondents or experts. IDIs offer the opportunity to capture rich, descriptive data about how people think and behave, and to unfold complex processes.

Online communities

Market research online communities is a selected group of people with common interest engaging in research via online platform by completing various tasks, activities and discussions. Participants share insights about the topic through spontaneous contribution and each other’s replies.

Expert workshops

Session with experts focused on a particular experience or topic where they share their expertise, empirical application of research related to future trends and product/ company development.

Online interviews

Relatively new form of data collection conducted over the internet. It is often more cost-effective, convenient, and offer unbeatable geographical diversity while still delivering rich and in-depth insights.


Real-time voice of the customer methodology, where preselected participants are asked to shop in particular location according to their shopping habits (or online via screen-sharing), and then answer questions about ideal customer journey, navigation, possible considerations and overall shopping experience.

Co-creation sessions

Collaborative technique in which customers, developers and key stakeholders play an equal role in the creative process. Digital tools help respondents provide specific visual feedback on concepts. You can co-create services, investigate features, test how communication works, understand how to name your solution and what its logo should look like.

Usability & UX testing

User experience testing is an evaluation of product or services by testing it with end users. Selected respondents conduct various tasks on website or app while the researcher captures their navigation and behavior and analyses the experience of using the platform. It provides valuable feedback for what works, what doesn’t, why people stay or leave and how to make the product efficient and user-friendly.


The study of people in a real-world situation; researchers go to the participant and observe them in their own environment. This immersion helps understand customers in terms of cultural background, lifestyle factors, attitudes and how social context influences product/service selection and usage.

Customer experience and journey mapping

A customer journey map is a visual representation of every engagement your customer has with your service or product, see your business from the customer’s perspective and gain insights across all touchpoints. It allows you to step into customer’s shoes and improve the customer experience.

Mystery shopping

Research method used to observe and evaluate current service quality, employee’s approach to customers and established routes of communication, as well as compliance with corporate rules during customer interaction. Mystery shoppers must not be recognized as such by the staff and collect specific information about products and services. It allows to gain feedback immediately after an interaction or visit.

Quant research

Data collection and analysis
Hall tests
Consumer Attitudes & Usage (U&A Research)
Product Launch Viability
Communication Reaction Evaluation

★ Facilitation sessions

Conducting sessions aimed at strategic planning, integrating research results into company development or improving cross-department communication.

★ Value chiseling sessions

Moderation of sessions aimed at identifying, shaping and finalizing company values and how they can be reflected in company’s everyday activities and interaction with customers.